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Boulevard Wharf – 2022 RICS Awards UK



Boulevard Wharf – 2022 RICS Awards UK


Meet RGB’s luxury student accommodation project – Boulevard Wharf – shortlisted for the 2022 RICS Awards UK.

Image of Boulevard Wharf
Boulevard Wharf Building

The RICS Awards spotlight the most influencing projects worldwide, ranging from land developments, real estate, infrastructure, and construction.

We’re incredibly pleased to see our market-leading experience and range of superior-quality building materials/ masonry supplies have helped this project achieve the industry’s highest-standard recognition.

Inside the Boulevard Wharf Project

The high-end development located at Castle Boulevard, Nottingham, has three buildings along the canal. The boat docking inspires its curved shape and position.

Boulevard Wharf Image 2
Full view of the project

Its privileged location posed a project challenge because of the exceptionally narrow place. In fact, part of the site is reclaimed from the Trent canal (the site edge eroded over time). The pavement still connects with the canal side to promote pedestrian flow in the built environment.  

The waterstruck bricks from our friends at UK Brick provide a unique character and that sought-after reclaimed look. A Flemish brick bond and building top add further detailing and human scale for differentiation.

Close up of the brickwork
Close up of Boulevard Wharf

Here are some of the Boulevard Wharf features:

  • Laundry Facilities
  • Study Rooms.
  • Bike storage.
  • Karaoke & Cinema Room.
  • Fitness centre.
  • Spacy common areas.
  • Trunk room.
  • Reception area.
  • Games room.
  • An atemporal urban interior design (tactile textured wallpaper, polished concrete floors, and furniture from Hay, Muuto and LucePlan).

Our involvement

RGB are market-leader suppliers of facing bricks, rain-screen cladding, natural and cast stone, and many more bespoke precast products.

Our extensive experience and a massive range of superior quality building materials and masonry supplies match any project requirements and help create beautiful facades, including Boulevard Wharf.

Close up image 2
Close up of the buildings corners

After listening to the waterfront Boulevard Wharf vision, we analysed their needs thoroughly and presented the team with the materials that best matched the aesthetics and surroundings.

Lastly, we contacted our network to procure the perfect materials. Our process allows us to promptly supply the correct number of materials, saving your time and money. We can even provide hands, on-site support!

Process of how materials are selected

Find below a list of the materials used to achieve the project goals (as you can imagine by now, we helped supply the best façade cladding!):

  • Facade cladding: 
    • UK brick – Mapleton Multi Bricks
    • The Bespoke Brick Co – Morado Brick
  • Flooring:
    • Karndean – LooseLay Colorado LLT201 (used on the communal lounge, kitchen, and study pods).
    • Karndean – Korlok Baltic Limed Oak RKP8111 (Bedroom)
  • Windows:
    • Senior Architectural Systems Ltd. 75mm polyamide thermally enhanced aluminum window
    • SPW600e thermally enhanced window system
  • Roofing:
    • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN – Single layer polymeric sheet roof coverings, WARM DECK ROOF COVERING Flat Roofs
  • Interior lighting:
    • Luceplan
  • Interior furniture:
    • Hay & Muuto
  • Bathrooms:
    • Kondor Pods Bathrooms
  • Kitchen:
    • Elfin Kitchens Ltd

Project Sustainability & Results

The Boulevard Wharf building is shortlisted for the residential project category of the UK RICS Awards 2022.

The criterion for this category is:

  • Professionalism – 20%
  • Teamwork/Collaboration – 20%
  • Outcome and achievement – 20%
  • Thought Innovation – 20%
  • Sustainability – 20%

Though Boulevard Wharf scores high in all components, we believe it will do exceptionally well for sustainability.

The development is environmentally friendly because it benefits from its waterfront position to generate renewable energy natively – each block has centralised plants that create hot water for the flats.

We’ve loved seeing this project come to life, and we’re thrilled with the result (it’s even better to see our client’s needs satisfied!). At current, the luxury accommodation is fully booked, and the occupant’s feedback reflects how much they love the building.

Let our experts advise you on your next project, get in touch today!

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