Our 3 Favourite Bricks This Month



Our 3 Favourite Bricks This Month


Our 3 Favourite Bricks This Month

As leading suppliers of bricks, with years of experience advising on projects across the country, we can’t help but get excited about bricks. While anyone outside of the industry may say that each brick is the same, we know just how important your choice of brick can be when it comes to the success or failure of a construction project.

Which brick will best suit the accompanying architecture? How can I give my project a modern look? What bricks are best value for money? These are all questions that inform an architect or project manager’s decision, questions that we’ve dealt with countless times over our 28 years in the industry.

So what are our top tips for 3 bricks to consider this month?

1 – Glazed Bricks

Few styles of brick have seen as much of a transformation in popularity as the glazed brick. Once seen solely on East End pubs, you can now see these bricks used in new schemes across East London and beyond.

It’s not hard to see why their popularity has surged. Glazed bricks are distinctive and eye catching, with a timeless feel that combines modern and retro. They are available in a wide range of colours and degrees of sheen, though dark green is the truly iconic colour.

40 Beak Street in SoHo is a great example of how glazed bricks can enhance the look of a project.

2- Reclaimed Brick

Reclaimed bricks – recycled or reclaimed bricks taken from demolition – have also seen something of a rejuvenation in recent years. Rather than leaving them in landfills, these bricks are now used to bring authenticity and character to refurbishment and restoration schemes.

Beyond their impressive character, reclaimed bricks are also better for the environment than new bricks. Furthermore, they can be a great way to ensure that your new project fits in with an older neighbourhood.

3 – Handmade Bricks

Bricks made the old-fashioned way – handmade bricks are still very much worth a mention. While most bricks are now made by machines, handmade bricks offer an interesting alternative. For a slightly higher price point, you’re able to get hold of a brick that’s made to any specification you want.

Just as with reclaimed bricks, a handmade brick can be useful when trying to match legacy brickwork, as they can be manufactured to look older than they are. Finally, the ability of brickmakers to blend different kinds of clay gives you a truly unique, artisanal brick.

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